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A 90 minute call to keep your energy high vibe through the low vibe hustle of the holiday season.

Are you ready to:

  • Feel confident in your own skin during winter instead of gaining weight

  • Start making choices to live your happiest, most fulfilled life instead of getting caught up in the low vibe hustle

  • Create your life based on how you want to live it

  • Reclaim your voice and your power as the fierce woman you truly are

  • Put in the work and dedication to make powerful, vibration lifting changes

  • Live more in sync with the natural cycle of the winter season

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The Holiday hustle can feel low vibrational.

We’ve just begun the Holiday season.  This time can feel ROUGH if your energy isn’t balanced correctly!  We have limited daylight, the weather tends to keep us inside, the busy schedule that has us feeling isolated versus more connected, all on top of having to spend time with family members that maybe don’t serve our mental health. 

So how is one supposed to make it through?  Stress eating? Retail therapy? More isolation?

How about working on goals to create a new energy for the season with Certified Holistic Health Coach?


Hi! I'm Bre!

I’ve been where you are. I felt extremely powerless against the right food choices and as a result, let my health get out of hand. I gained 75 pounds, had uncomfortable digestive issues, was diagnosed with sleep apnea, anxiety and depression, and hypothyroidism. I spent a lot of time researching what could help me truly elevate my well-being. And now, I help women who’re extremely tired of living a low-vibe life, do this for themselves.

Let me help you detox from unhealthy lifestyles and relationships by creating a blue print with you to upgrade your energy!



You will be able to identify which areas of your lifestyle are keeping you in low vibrations.  Together we will come up with easily implemented action steps for you to upgrade your energy. 

Leaving you feeling

-highly motivated

-back in charge of your life

-radiant with health and well-being

-connected back with your power

You don’t need to be on this journey alone. Let me help you create your well-being blue print.

Schedule your call today here.